Dr. Glorioso guest lectures Boston University’s Medical Ethics Course: COVID-19 and Utilitarianism.

The below link is the full video recording of a class that Brian Moen (Philosophy PhD student at B.U. and friend) and I recorded for the undergraduate medical ethics class he is teaching at Boston University this Summer. https://bostonu.zoom.us/rec/play/u8cqI7qqqmg3E9aT5QSDBvZ7W424fK2s2nAf-fdbxR63WnMBOlCnYbtAarba3ERAyfTCHawYYfNYLpc5?startTime=1596819221000&_x_zm_rtaid=u9ttR53XRrGqhEAWOR3xSA.1597945331122.5cc242a312d02acbdb73b903f323dbdb&_x_zm_rhtaid=527 This was really a lot of fun! We create a framework for choosing the best strategy [...]