What is the Real Science Wiki?

RS-wiki is a scientist and expert-created wiki for sharing new and established research (currently in Beta testing). It will have links to the homepages and descriptions of ongoing research of scientists, written by them, in real time.

Why was it created?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it clear to me that the scientific community needs a centralized place to share new research with each other to promote collaboration, and with the world to disseminate true facts. The media has politicized, skewed, or simply conveyed incorrectly so much science during this pandemic. The harm and number of lost lives this created was/is shocking. Real science is reliable and trustworthy for the most part and has kept me moored during this crazy time. I hope to share that mooring with the world, not just now but also for future health crises and scientific milestones.

How is it different than Wikipedia?

RS-Wiki has a more immediate timeframe than Wikipedia, which conveys well-established research that has been published and confirmed for many years. While Wikipedia is a laudably accurate resource for science information, it is too slow to promote collaboration or spread of real information during crisis or innovation.

I’m an expert, how do I contribute?

If you are a researcher, health care worker, engineer, or other scientific subject matter expert and want to contribute, please register below. You will be able to edit and create wiki entries and I encourage you to add descriptions and links to your ongoing research, articles and preprints, and your lab or company websites. Once you are registered and have been verified, log-in and you will see edit and add entry buttons in the top left header toolbar. You can choose a category for new pages in the block editor Entry tab on the right hand side. This wiki is in Beta testing, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. You can also comment on any post in the comments section at the bottom.

If you are a non-scientist, I hope that you find this to be a trustworthy and useful place for ongoing science facts! I welcome feedback