Hi I'm Dr. Christin Glorioso, creator of the Real Science Community. I'm an epidemiologist and physician and the Chief Strategist of the Bakar Aging Research Institute of the UCSF School of Medicine.

Welcome to the Real Science Community. 

   Real Science is a project of the non-profit research and advocacy organization, Academics for the Future of Science, Co-Founded by Dr. Glorioso during her postdoc at MIT.  Part COVID-tracking, part research and predictive analytics, part blog, and part social networking, Real Science is dedicated to connecting scientists to each other and directly with the world. It was born out of frustration with science news misinformation that has been especially egregious during the COVID-19 pandemic; and also the need for speed in scientific innovation.  

You can:

  • Use our risk calculator to determine your covid risk when doing activities.
  • Read, comment, and contribute to the Blog
  • Utilize the real-time COVID-tracking and COVID-predictions. My COVID cases predictive model was #1 in the XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge. 
  • Connect and collaborate in groups using social networking profiles

Please feel free to reach out with feedback.