The US in numbers and CDC physician letter questioning the new data collection by HHS.

Daily new cases continue to be very high and new deaths are continuing to ascend.

Most states daily new cases are now rising, particularly in the south. Click on the maps to link to the hover version.

I started tracking the percent of states infected- you can see that in some states, up to 29% of people have had COVID. Louisiana is winning this race as of Yesterday but many states are barreling towards catching them.

Meanwhile, past and present physicians at the CDC have written a letter to HHS, which was leaked to CNN urging them to continue to have data reporting through CDC:

“In a letter, public health advisers to the US government said they are “extremely concerned” and “troubled” by the Trump administration’s decision to change how hospitals report Covid-19 data. The letter, dated July 31, described hospitals as “scrambling” to determine how to meet new daily Covid-19 reporting requirements to the US Department of Health and Human Services, and said retiring the older system jeopardized data integrity. One doctor who signed the letter said the new data system was marred by inconsistencies, rendering it “almost impossible” to use for real-time decisions during the pandemic.”Moving forward,” the letter says, “it will be even more challenging to perform meaningful inter-state comparisons, and to understand which COVID-19 mitigation strategies were successul (or failed).”

Full letter can be found here:

There is definitely an effort by the current administration to obscure data collection and science. It is maybe one of the most frustrating and dangerous things happening.

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