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About: Projections were created by the founder of Real Science, Dr. Christin Glorioso. I produced a separate SIR model for each county with an empirically derived beta from real data from that county. US and state level data are calculated from the sum of the county model results. The primary data are from the JHU COVID repository. Feel free to reach out to me for more details. You can join the site and message me or leave a comment below.


Why we shouldn’t censor scientists

This pandemic has been awful in a lot of ways. But it has had a few silver linings. One of them for me has been the public interest in science in 2020. As a scientist, welcoming the world into my world has been really wonderful. Science is exciting. It is a way to understand our […]

Journalistic spread of COVID-19 misinformation

Real Science founder, Dr. Glorioso, guest lectures Boston University’s Medical Ethics class. She and Philosophy PhD candidate, Brian Moen, discuss how mainstream media sources have cast doubt on COVID-19 vaccine safety. We also discuss school safety, COVID in kids, and superspreading. We theorize and pose research questions about why false information may be spreading. We […]

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Hi I'm Dr. Christin Glorioso, creator of Real Science. I'm a computational neurocientist working at MIT and a physician.

Welcome to the Real Science Community. 

   Part social networking, part blog, and part wiki, Real Science is dedicated to connecting scientists for discussion amongst themselves and with the world. It was born out of frustration with the fake science news that has been especially egregious during the COVID-19 pandemic; and also the need for speed in scientific innovation. It will continue to be a much needed tool in times of crisis or scientific advancement in the future. I would love your help in building and growing Real Science

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Real Science is in beta testing mode. Please feel free to reach out with feedback.

Email: glorioso@mit.edu